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                 The Bagel House
                  ​360 Belleville Turnpike
                                             Kearny, NJ  07032 
        Call us: 201 - 997 2003
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Open  days a week
Monday - Friday: 5am - 5pm
Saturday 5am - 4pm
Sunday 6am - 3pm
Serving the Finest Hand Rolled Bagels
                     We Deliver
Customer satisfaction is our top priority
The Bagel House is a father/son business and we have worked on perfecting the art of creating handmade water bagels. Our bagels are made from scratch daily using only the finest ingredients available. Our dough is made and mixed daily on the premises using Pillsbury flour. The Bagel House's old fashioned approach to making bagels allows each bagel to be handcrafted by our highly trained and experienced rollers. Our bagels are then placed into boiling water prior to baking; this process ensures the bagel remains moist and fluffy on the inside while crispy on the outside. Next, they are baked at 500 degrees, plain or with a variety of toppings to satisfy all palettes.

Bagels are frequently baked through out the day to ensure our customers can enjoy a fresh and satisfying bagel all day long. At The Bagel House we strive that each bagel will be a delectable eating experience for all customers.